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Baz limited is a French-Swedish pop-rock-jazz group formed in Paris by Bastien Baz Gaisne and Sofia Nilsson.
Upon returning from the United States in 2003, Baz set about looking for a female vocalist to form an international group with which to explore male/female vocal harmonies.
Through his work with various European and American musicians, Baz met Sofia, whose extraordinary technique and personality immediately convinced him she was the right vocalist to form a band. Baz Limited was born soon after, and off to conquer Europe.
First album "Pop songs can't last forever" was released in 2007.

After successful collaborations with Bulgarian singer Tzvetelina Chendova, Baz limited opened to Jazz and Blues with working with the finest musicians of Bulgaria to record the concept album "The Blue, the Jazz and the Ugly Part 1 and 2"
Part 1 was released in october 2013.

Baz limited aims to rekindle the tradition of groups with two singers and of sixties and seventies creativity. Though influenced by the powerful guitars and the modern sounds, baz limited has carved out its own identity by alternating rock tracks and subtle ballads, swing, jazz and blues. Supersonic electric or acoustic guitars, piano melodies and emotionally charged vocals come together to create the unique sound of baz limited.

The group’s live shows are devastatingly effective in any situation: whether onstage or performing a showcase, playing electric or acoustic, the group can adapt to any room and atmosphere and provide the desired effect.

baz limited: a subtle, powerful and creative musical experience that must be heard to be believed.

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